Where have you been...

Well, we've been all over the place. Robert was in Chicago last week and had a crazy time trying to get home. In the 5 years that he has traveled this much he had his 1st cancelled flight (pretty good if you ask me) and then they delayed his next flight and changed it's gates probably 4 times. His 3:30 flight didn't leave until 4:45pm. To say the least he didn't make it to Nana's B-Day dinner on Friday.

Speaking of Nana's B-day party...that was Friday. Reservations for 35 people. I think we had 38 people meet us for dinner. We all pitched in and are getting her a new Flat Screen TV for her bedroom. Right now she has a 19 inch box TV and she spends a lot of time in her room in the evenings watching TV so what do you get a Nana who doesn't need anything? A new TV! It was a great dinner.
My week at work was pretty crazy and it was pretty crazy at home, too. So, sorry I didn't get around to blogging last week. We are on vacation this week, and did a lot of stuff this weekend that I need blog about. See you soon!


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