Saturday Fun

Saturday we woke up extra early (Aiden's been waking up at 6:30 EVERY morning for the past 2 weeks, like he has an alarm clock or something, Weird)

We hung out until about 8:45am and then headed to get Aiden a haircut at Betty's Hair Cuttin' Place. :) Robert's been going there since he was young and always gets his haircut by Kevin, so now that's who Aiden goes to. They open at 9:00am on Saturdays and we almost always try to get there ASAP because if you get there at 9:00 there is already a line of 5-8 people. We were 2nd in line this time and we got there at 8:50. Crazy, I know.

We made a quick trip to the store for Pizzas and Cokes for the Camp Rosales planning session and then Aiden and I headed to Weatherford, TX for a birthday party.

We left at 10:00am thinking that the party started at 11:00. I don't know how I thought it started at 11:00, but in my mind it did. We got to the park, looked around and didn't know ANYONE. So, I called the Birthday Girl's mom and nonchalantly asked what time the party was. 12:30!!! So, I was way off and had a hungry kiddo, so we went to the DQ up the street from the park and had a little lunch.
Then, around 12:00 headed back to the park, Aiden ran around playing on all the fun kids playground equipment and then after 30 minutes of coaxing and me standing in the squirters with him, he started running around and playing in the squirters/sprinklers. It was a really nice park. I wish I knew where a park like this was around us.

After that we headed home for the last part of the Camp Rosales planning session. Then, we laid around and watched a movie and ate dinner. Pretty relaxing afternoon after the craziness of the morning!


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