Aiden Sayings

Aiden sayings of the week!

Aiden had a great Halloween. We went to Agape Trunk or Treat on the 24th and Aiden got "Lots of Candies!" (As Aiden says it) Sneaky mommy put those candies in the candy to be given out on Halloween. After eating about 10 pieces of candy that night I told Aiden, "No more candy" and waved my finger at him while saying it. Later on he asked for candy, and then immediately looked at me and said, "No More Candies." (While waving his finger at me, LOL)
While driving to Austin a couple of weeks ago I asked Robert, "Are we there yet?" BIG MISTAKE, LOL. Now Aiden says, "Are we dar det?" Every time we are headed somewhere. Its pretty cute still but might get old after a while. :) I give him the Jim Wood response of "About an hour" :)
He's calling the dogs his son or sister. "This is Romo, my son", "This is Diego, my son", "This is Lola, my sister". Not sure why the boy dogs are his son and the girl dog is his sister, other then the fact that the other girl in the house is his sister...Hum, IDK.
He also is randomly asking to talk to people on the phone. Just wait, you're probably next :) Tuesday on our way to buy GI Joe he asked to talk to Uncle Jeremy. I thought he kept saying "Sorry" but when I really listened I heard Jeremy. So, I called Jeremy for him and they talked for a couple seconds. You never know who might be next, so keep your phone handy :)
Also Tuesday we went to vote. We pulled got to the fire station where we vote:

Aiden: What doing?
Mommy: Going to go vote.
Aiden: Boat, YAY.
Mommy: Vote, V, V, V, Vote
Aiden: Boat, YAY!

So, we stand in the very short line to get our paper ballot and we go to the little voting booth and the entire time I'm trying to fill in the ballot Aiden says, "Boat, Boat, Boat, Mommy, What doing?, Where Boat?, Mommy? Where Boat?" The people around me where looking at me funny, 1.) MM is screaming these questions 2.) No one can understand what he's asking. I get down to his level and say "Baby, Mommy's voting and so are all these other people, so you have to be quiet, Shhhhh." He then says, "MOMMY, WHERE BOAT?" I say, "Son Mommy is voting, there is no BOAT." Everyone around me starts laughing, Aiden starts crying. At least they found the humor in my humility, that made me not feel so bad. And we didn't get asked to leave (but we were only there a total of 5 minutes.) I pretty much had to pick him up and carry him out of there, because he really wanted a boat.
Lastly, Aiden's birthday is tomorrow. A couple of weeks ago we went to the park to try to figure out how to reserve the pavilion. He saw the choo choo train in the park and really wanted to ride it. I didn't have any cash on me (I never do, but I should at least carry $5.50 on me for train and sno-cone purposes, hehe) So, I told him that we will be riding the train for his birthday.

Aiden: Train for my birthday, YAY!
Mommy: In 2 weeks!
Aiden: Train for my birthday in 2 weeks, YAY!!
Mommy: Ok, let's get back in the car.
Aiden: birthday...Train mommy. (then breaks down into wild fit) (Luckily, there wasn't anyone around)

I walked away, back to the car and he shortly followed. I feel so bad that he doesn't understand what's going on sometimes :( Since then, he asked daily, "My Birthday?" and I say, "not today baby, 9 more days." So we've been counting down his birthday. This morning we said happy birthday to daddy and I told him, "Tomorrow is Aiden's birthday." To which he said, "Choo Choo Train YAY!!" Well, he's going to be disappointed that they won't be riding the choo choo until Sunday, but daddy has lots of things planned for him tomorrow!


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