Thank you cards

Can we just all agree to not do Thank You cards anymore? LOL

Not really, I believe it is necessary to show your gratitude to someone when they have spent the money, time and effort in getting you (or your kids in my case) a gift. I'm just really (REALLY) bad at getting the thank you cards out. :)

I just really have to set up goals/task completion deadlines for myself or they will never get done. I still haven't finished Ana's baby shower thank you cards, and she's 2 and 1/2 months old. That means the party was about 3 months ago. Goodness. And then there is Aiden's birthday party, too.

Someone once suggested that I print out pictures before the party and write a little note such as, "Thank you for coming..." but I just can't do that. I probably think too much about it.

I'm as good at doing thank you notes as I am scrap booking, LOL. If we only had more hours in the day, right?!


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