Update on surgery

Aiden is scheduled for surgery on December 4th.

He will have his tonsils and adenoids out at that time and then we are going to wait a couple of months to see if his ears problems resolve.  If they don’t resolve that means it wasn’t the enlarged adenoids blocking the ear fluid from balancing and/or draining.  He will then have to have the tubes put in his ears.

I talked with the nurse today and she was very supportive with my concerns about putting tubes in his ears.  She said that many parents make the same decision that we did and a lot of the time when the adenoids are removed the ear problem resolves.  But there is still the chance that he would need to be put under again to have tubes if it doesn’t resolve.  But, the ear surgery is a lot less invasive then the other surgeries. 

So, we have a pre-operative appointment on Nov 30th and then surgery on Dec 4th.  We don’t have a time yet, because the hospital will schedule it closer to the date. 


Anonymous said…
Hey Sarah you're making the best choice. Alex had his tonsils and adenoids out at age three and never had another ear infection after that. Colleen had tubes put in , then we ended up a few years later having surgery to patch the holes from the tubes. Yes, she still had problems with the ears. The tonsils and adenoids removal should make a huge difference. Good Luck!

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