Where have you been?

:) I know, I'm sorry. I have to work on being better at getting stuff up here and having 2 kiddos. I think after almost 2 months (really 2 months already) I'm almost used to having 2 kids LOL

Things that will be up soon (I promise)

For Aiden:

Aiden's 1st school program (Stone Soup)
Trunk or Treat at Agape
Trunk or Treat with Della
School Harvest Party and Costume Parade
Halloween costume
Aiden's funny sayings
and I'm sure there is more for Aiden

For Ana:

Cute Pictures :)

Things we have going on this week are pictures with Santa and Aiden's 3rd BIRTHDAY!!! WOO HOO (and Ana's 2 month birthday hehe)


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