Right out of a movie

Monday night we were all sitting at the dinner table and I told Robert that I don't really feel like going to storage to get the 10,000 boxes of Christmas decorations (It's my fault I have a Christmas decoration addiction). Really, Aiden is still in the mass destruction phase and I don't really want to constantly yell at him for messing with MY STUFF :)

So, I said, "Why don't we just not do Christmas." Then I looked at Aiden and said, "No Christmas, OK?" :) He said, "BUT, I WANT CHRISTMAS." It was like we were in a movie. He stood up on his chair, started jumping up and down and Yelling, "I WANT CHRISTMAS." Over and Over again. All Robert and I could do was laugh. Robert looked back at me and shrugged. I guess we have to do Christmas.

I'm really thinking we are going to get a smaller Christmas tree. Maybe a 3 or 4 foot one that we can put up away from the craziness that is children. Really we would get 3 or so years out of it, b/c Ana will be pulling down ornaments next year. Aiden has a little stool he drags around the house he'll be able to reach it, but maybe we can hang it from the ceiling or something, or get an outdoor one :)

I know it will be a big Christmas for Aiden. He might finally understand a little more this year, so I would hate to cheat him out of anything, but it's a lot of work.

I'll be more in the Christmas mood after Thanksgiving.


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