Pictures from my phone

I didn't get the chance to post more pictures from the camera last night. Ms. Fussy Britches had other plans :) So, today I give you pictures from my phone. When I don't have the photographer grade camera at arms length I just grab my phone and for the most part it takes ok pictures.

We had pictures with Santa (Dr. S dresses up as Santa and his clients can come and take pictures with him) We were there for over an hour and a half, seriously, I think we will hire a Santa next year :), really it's bc it's special, I mean I spent the ENTIRE last year in Dr. S's office.

Aiden's Santa Outfit

Ana's precious Santa dress (I saw this dress and she HAD to have it!!, if we hadn't had Ana and had had a boy instead poor little guy would have had to wear dresses :) not really, but I LOVE little girl dresses, although I'm not a big dress person myself)

Paul spent the night with Aiden (they went to Chuck E Cheese for their birthdays) (that's another post) and he patiently waited for Santa too!

Paul and Aiden at Tokyo Steakhouse (for Daddy's birthday) playing with Gran's iPhone.

Aiden got a special box for his birthday from Grandma and Grandpa Auer. We hid it for a couple of days and let him open it on his birthday. I LOVED his remote control Fire Truck!

Patti and Leigh have really been helping us out since I've been back to work! Patti picks up Aiden from school and we pick him up from Patti and Leigh's. I watch get to help them by watching the kids. Aiden really loves his friends!!
I think Aiden and Ashleigh have a special bond. He comforts her, and tells her its ok when she cries, so sweet! He loves to push her on the swing too!

Romo :)

Romo rode with me one morning to take Aiden to school. I looked over and saw him laying in this position. That can't be comfortable.
Aiden and his "Camera" (as he calls it), it's a view finder that Grandma and Grandpa Auer sent him. He carries that around everywhere!

A little smile

He sometimes sleeps with his eyes open. He's watching me.

Sleeping on that bar can't be comfortable either.

Aiden and Papa

Aiden was Superman for the Trunk or Treat at the church and for school on the 30th. He even wore it around on other days too.

Ana wore her Little Pumpkin outfit to the Trunk or Treat.

Aiden and Rosie at their school costume parade! With their favorite teacher Ms. Tracy!

Aiden and the "Big Book" from Toys R Us picking out Christmas presents. "Mommy I need this"

Ana after a bath.

We went to Austin a month ago and stopped by Hey Cupcake. Yummy! Aiden ate 1/2 of his cupcake and then threw the rest away. I think that's cupcake abuse or something!
An Aiden picture of Ana.

In Austin, laying on a chair, holding his crotch, watching TV, WHAT A BOY!

Lastly, Ana wears a lot of pink clothes. I get asked (while she's wearing the pink) if she's a boy or a girl. While wearing this outfit a lady at Mimi's Cafe asked Lisa if she was a boy or a girl. So, we put my Coach Purse Scarf on her head. Maybe that will help people see the pink! I mean really, she's in clothes that have pink on them, in a pink car seat. IDK, I guess people just don't pay attention.


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