Last night I was in the back yard making sure that our new watering system was working well. I looked at our tomato plants and thought I saw a tomato!!! But, instead I found something that looked like this.
AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH, thoughts of "The Mist" (which I don't recommend anyone see/very disturbing movie) and "Silence of the Lambs" came to my head. I had Robert look at it with me, (definitely not a tomato). Then we tried to get it off of the tomato plant, which took about 5 mins to do. I'm not scared of bugs, but I just don't like them!!


NJ Grandma said…
Soooo - what is it???? Looks a littel strange to me!!!
I think it was a moth. At least that is what the picture is.
NJ Grandma said…
must be a close up because it looks larger than a moth!!! Love the mess in Aiden's playroom - can he clean up as well as he messes up?? Give him hugs and kisses for me.
Love from New Jersey

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