My little game

We have tried (unsuccessfully thus far) to try to get Aiden to stop hitting, biting, pinching, etc. Well, I found a little game I play, that Robert hates. When Aiden hits, bites, or pinches I start crying, well fake crying but you get it. Then, he gets this look of "Oh my goodness, I hurt mama" on his face and he kisses my head. Usually, he will sit there with me for a second to make sure I am OK and then go on about his day. He will hit my leg, I cry, he climbs up the chair to kiss my forehead. It is really cute, and I like all the kisses.

Robert doesn't like it all that much, he thinks I am teaching him its OK to hit just as long as you can kiss it and make it better. He's worried that we will someday take him to daycare, playground, baby sitter, etc and he will go around hitting all the kids and then kissing them on the head when they cry.

What is even funnier is that he won't do it for just anyone. He does it to me but when Eddie tried it Aiden hit him more!! Monster.

But, I say whatever works, it teaches him compassion and forgiveness. I also love the kisses so bring on the kisses!!

PS: Robert put new pictures on the sidebar last night.


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