Well, now we are to the mimicking stage of verbal learning.

Recently, Aiden has started to call most everyone DeDe. Lisa was over last night with Sharon, Brandon and Emmi. We were trying to get Aiden to say Tia (Spanish for aunt) but he kept calling her DeDe. So, then I said, "Lisa" and he said, "Lisa". But, then we couldn't get him to say it again!! Most of his grandparents have names now. Poor Aunt Pat is called DeDe for now. :( and Gran (my mom) still doesn't have a name.

So, if you come over and are called Dede, well at least you have a name at our house!!

We did a lot of picture projects this weekend. We went to Ikea on Saturday and got some pictures for the bathrooms and Aiden's playroom. Lisa and I spent a good time from 6-9 fixing all the pictures. Then we got a lot of them up.

She also helped me finish another picture project. My favorite kids book is:

We got permission from the publisher to reproduce it so that we could blow up one of the pictures inside. Otherwise, we figured that no one would print it for us. But, for now Lisa and I put the whole book in 21 frames last night.

I found some frames that were cute and cheap at Ikea. Then, about 2 weeks ago I went to Hobby Lobby to find out how much mats would be for the pictures. Oh, about $4.50 a piece. WOW. So I did my own mats out of regular colored paper. It was a little time consuming, but a lot cheaper. Then Lisa and I sat down last night and after a few "bumps" we got them altogether. That's really thanks to her, because I didn't have it as organized as I thought I did!!

So, now I just have to figure out if I want them all around the ceiling on all three walls, or just on one wall. I sat with them spread out for about 30 mins last night and asked Robert what he thought. Of course I got, "Yeah, either way." But, I think I have to think about it for a little longer. I still want to get a bigger picture of one of the pictures in the book. So, that would fill the wall space. I don't know. I guess that is why I got the 3M sticky things so it will be easy to move them around.

Just expect if anyone comes over in the next couple of days you will probably be polled on what you think.

(PS, I have to tell you guys about this weekend and time outs.)


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