Our cups runneth over...

We had a fantastic Independence Day weekend!!

Friday we had Robert's family over for a cookout. Just hot dogs and sides, but it was still great to have everyone over.

Friday night we went to the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra's Concert in the Gardens!! It was SOLD OUT!! Wow, a ton of people were there. If you know us, you know that music has always been a big part of our lives. Even though we don't perform as much as we used to, it is still important to us. That importance will be passed on to Aiden and his future siblings (years to come future siblings, nothing meant by that, so don't get excited). So, I thought what a perfect environment for Aiden's first symphony orchestra concert OUTSIDE!! We had a great time. We found a spot that was a little out of were they wanted us to sit. They had these lines painted in the grass and Robert, Nana and Aiden were on the "right" side of the line, and I was not.

The fireworks were wonderful. They were through the last 2 songs and set to music for the most part. The finale was amazing, I don't think that I have ever seen that many fireworks before in my life. Robert got lots of pictures that we have to share.

Saturday we bought a fridge for the garage. With 3 adults and a kiddo we didn't have enough room in our side-by-side fridge anymore. Then, we went swimming at Nini and Patpat's house. Aiden had his little pool out. He didn't want to swim with Nini in the big pool so Robert and I had to get in before he would swim in the big pool. But, I think he had a great time!! He got to spray the dogs down with the water hose and help give them a bath!!

Saturday evening we had dinner with Lisa and Brandon and played Scrabble until late!!

Sunday morning Aiden and I went to church in Cleburne, TX. We went to go and see Emma Catherine!! She is so precious. I have good pictures! But, she was getting baptised with her daddy. Aiden could sit still, I don't expect him to anyways, so we went to the nursery. I played with him for about 5 mins and then snuck out. The nursery lady said he realized I was gone after about another 5 mins and then cried for a couple of seconds and got back to playing!!

We went over the Catherine's parents house for lunch and had a great time there. Aiden played with Sophie, Sam and Sarah (Catherine's nieces and nephew), he hit Sophie in the eye and gave her a black eye. I was mortified, but Catherine's sister said, "Don't worry, he's a boy, that's what they do." Great!!

Then we did the hour trek home for the last Camp Rosales planning meeting!! I think we are going to have a great camp this year. We have never been this prepared and organized. So far we have 27 kids coming this year!! Pretty good number. It is this Friday, Saturday and Sunday!! I can't wait!!

Aiden went to bed at about 7pm last night and didn't wake up until 8:30 this morning!! We really wear him out over the weekends.


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