Big Boy Bed

Aiden is so excited to show everyone his Big Boy Bed!!!

He is getting his Big Boy Bed a little sooner then he should. We are hoping it will entice him to sleep in his own bed. He has been sleeping with Nana every night to keep her company. (They both have a little separation anxiety without each other) We have been trying to get him to stay in his bed, but it is a little hard. Also, he has been found several times in his bedroom asleep in the floor for his afternoon nap. So, we decided it was time for a Big Boy Bed. This way he can climb into it when he is tired in the afternoon. (Only thing is he can get out a lot easier now, too)

So, last night we tired it out. He fell asleep with me watching TV. I put him in his Big Boy Bed and left the door open just in case he woke up and wanted to sleep with Nana. (Her bedroom is right across the hall from his) Before I went to bed, I checked on him and he was still snug in his bed! When I woke up this morning I checked on him. No Monkey Man. So, I checked Nana's room. He was at the very edge of the bed at the very end of the bed. All curled up in a ball. Like he woke up, walked in there, climbed up on the bed and fell right back to sleep.
I left for work this morning at 7:45 and they were still asleep together.

The older version of his bed. So cute for a baby boy.
I will miss the matching crib bumper pad.

New Big Boy Bed!

I have a quilt that I love that matches the medium blue and the yellow. Mom is going to cut it down for me so it will fit his crib mattress. We also have to figure out some kind of railing. Right now all that I can find in the stores is one that is 45-48 inches long. Well his bed is 48 inches long!! He wouldn't be able to get in and out very easily with that!!


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