Smile on my face

This will always bring a smile to my face!! Walk in the door from a long drive home, hear "MAMA" and see a cute little boy with his PJs still on and one shoe on the wrong foot.
Nana said he didn't want to change today and he wanted to put his own shoes on. He put both shoes on (the wrong feet) and walked around for a little bit before he kicked one off!

Then, he continued his comedic routine by getting different bowls out for hats. He finally settled on this one and walked around the house with it on for about 15 minutes!! So the Hat of the week is... You just wait they will be selling this stuff for toddler fashion, soon!

After he was finished with the bowl/hat he decided to move on to his Tricycle Helmet. While I was cooking dinner I decided that he might need to wear this all the time. He definitely got his mommy's clumsiness. He turned around to walk in the other direction and ran straight into the counter. Good thing he got his daddy's good looks.


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