So about Time-Out.

Emilio and Sharon have been coming over every night to visit. They are about to move down to Austin so we are soaking up every second with them that we can!! Aiden will be really sweet with Emmi, he will kiss him, pet him and hug him. Then, 2 seconds later he will grab his face, bite his toes or hit him. We watch him really closely, and catch him before he does much to Emmi, but sometimes it just happens. He is too fast.
Aiden helping "wash" Emilio.

Aiden kissing him. Aren't they both growing so fast!!

So, we have been using time-out. We close our bedroom door and sit him down in the little hallway in between our bedroom and the hall closet. So far it is pretty effective, I don't think he understands it, but it keeps his focus off of hurting the baby. After time-out we try to focus him in his playroom or another part of the house.

The very first time I told him that he was in trouble and he had to sit there for 1 & 1/2 minutes (1 minute per age) he laid down on the ground and put his nose in the corner.

(PS: Effective Time-Out does not include a camera)

Then he tried to get up. I put him back and he sat on his knees with his nose in the corner again. I asked Nana if she had every put him in time out and she hasn't. How did he know how to do that?

But, when Robert got home from Kansas City last Friday he reminded me that we have a time-out chair that we bought for a church garage sale before Aiden was even born. So, now the time-out chair is in the corner of the hallway.
It has a little trap door in the seat. Robert said a long time ago that we could put books in it. I told him that wasn't a good idea, because then books would be associated with punishment. He didn't seem to agree. For now it is empty, he sits and bangs it down when he is in time out. Aiden put a bowl (one of his hats) in the seat last night.

We will see how this works.

This is just an extra cute pic of Emi!


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