Birthday Cake Anyone

Aiden had 2 birthday parties this weekend. Saturday he went with Nini and Patpat to Walton and Braiden's birthday party. There were tons of people and Aiden stayed really close to his aunts. There was swimming, cake and games, but he just wanted to hang out with Nini and Patpat.

Sunday, we went to Mason's birthday party. Aiden swam with Gran and Aunt Melinda in their swimming pool. He had a lot of fun!! There were 4 types of cake there!! I think he tried all 4. He slept really well last night. Robert put him in his Big Boy Bed and he slept there until about 5:30 when he moved to Nana's bed. That is the routine right now.

Robert, Dianne and I helped Junior, Sharon and Emmi pack up for their new lives in Austin, TX. We spent most of the day Saturday with them. It will be sad not to have them 10 minutes away, but 4 hours isn't that bad and Austin is a great place to visit!!

Robert is in Kansas City again this week. It is a shorter visit, he will be back Wednesday. So, we have quick meals planned for Monday - Wednesday. Easy meals that I can cook in less then 30 minutes, since I don't get home until 6:00pm and everyone is pretty hungry by that point. When Robert is in town we have really nice meals that take him a little while to cook.


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