2 Week Appointment

Ana had her 2 week appointment today. She weighed 8 lbs and grew 1/4 inch, she's now 19 1/4 inches.

Dr. P said that everything looks great. Her belly button fell off yesterday and was still a little gooey, so she put some stuff on it to dry it out. Dr. P said that she might have a slight umbilical hernia, but it isn't of much concern and should go away.

Our comedy of errors...

In the 3 years that Aiden's been around he's never peed on me. He's peed on Robert, peed on Gran, and who knows who else. :) But not me. Ana has peed on me now 5 times. 2 times yesterday! What am I doing wrong here. :) Really, I take off her diaper to change her and she pees.

Then this morning: She pooped on me :) Lovely. We are at the doctor's office. I'm concerned because she usually poops ALL DAY and she hadn't pooped since midnight. (I know you really wanted to hear about Ana's poops, but that's all I got right now) So, we get to the office, I have to take off her clothes so that she can be weighed and she starts pooping, which helped me with my concern and probably her's too. So, I go to take off her diaper to change her and she EXPLODES all over my hand and the exam table and on the ground. AHHHHHHHH, all I could do is laugh and clean up the mess. I know it's probably only funny to me, but I had to share and 10 years from now when Ana is reading this she will most likely wish that I hadn't shared.


Tarvers said…
I thought the poop story was hilarious!

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