Welcome Home Ana

Well what do you say about the miracle of birth and the months leading up to it! It is such an exciting journey that its really difficult to capture in words. I will simply just say that here is the product of 9 months of love, care and wishful thinking. Mom and Ana are safe, healthy and happy and for that I am grateful.

Ana Elisabeth Rosales
Born: 6:02 pm on 9/12/09
7 lbs, 4 oz
19 in long

Here are just a few pics with many, many more to follow, thanks for all your thoughts, blessings and prayers over the last 9 months and we happy submit Ana Elisabeth Rosales to the care of each of everyone of you!

Robert & Sarah Rosales


She is precious! Congrats to you all!
NJ Grandma said…
Boy does she have a lot of hair - you will be able to braid it real soon. Love her and all of you.
Love from the New Jersey shore

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