I went to see Dr. S this morning for my weekly visit. He asked the normal questions that he asks every week.

1.) Swelling - yes
2.) Fetal Movement - yes (but has decreased over the past couple of days.)
3.) I can't remember anymore questions...Sorry :)

So, I figured that the decreased fetal movement is just because she's running out of room and so she's not moving as much... Well, Dr. S started shooting all kinds of fetal movement questions.

Do I feel her at least 3 times every hour? - um no, more like a lot of movement every 2-3 hours.

So, they scheduled us for induction in the morning. I was to go home and lay on my left side and count the fetal movements, ALL DAY. Of Course, I always follow instructions so well. I finished up some work from home and sent it off to my boss. Laid around a while, went to pick up Aiden with Robert from school, ate lunch, went home and laid around a little more.

There was a lot of stuff that I wanted to get done, but I talked Robert into doing it for me. :) He even put the TV in the bedroom on the wall!! Now there is more room in our bedroom for Ana for the next couple of months! YAY

Oh and on the gallbladder front - I should have that out on Monday. Dr. S was going to talk to Dr. H today and see if he could squeeze me in on Monday, then I should go home on Monday after I recover from the anesthesia.

So, tomorrow Ana will be here!! We are supposed to call the hospital at 4:30am and see when I'm to come in. If they are super busy, which I've been told that they are super busy tonight (because of the rain) then I might be in later in the day. Just have to wait on a bed...but hey we know she'll be here tomorrow!! YAY!!


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