Funny Thursday

Aiden sometimes drives us a little crazy, I know, that's hard to believe, but he's 3 :)

One second I will be thinking I'm sending this kiddo to military school and the next second I he's making me laugh and love him all over again.

This morning it was a little chilly (63 degrees) and Aiden wanted to put on some pants and a long sleeve shirt. While going through his winter clothes we found his Croc snow boots we bought him in Chicago last November! He was soooo excited. So, he wore his Spiderman long sleeve t-shirt, blue jeans pants and Croc snow boots.

I say he's getting ready for his ski trip in December. The snow boots go up to the mid-calf and so it looks like he is walking in ski boots. He had to learn to walk with his legs straight. We went outside to show daddy and I couldn't stop laughing :) Robert kept telling me to stop laughing at him, I am going to give him a complex. Then I ran down the driveway and I ran down he sidewalk, and he chased after me. :) Have you ever seen someone run in ski boots. LOL, it was too funny. Bad Mommy.

Throughout the day he wore that outfit with his new Red Cowboy hat. He's going to be a great dresser, just like his mommy, hopefully his daddy will help us both out.

He woke up this morning and asked about school. He really loves going to school. He currently goes Monday, Wednesday and Friday. But I think we are going to try to increase his days to 5 days a week at the beginning of the year. He'll love that!

Daddy snuck out for a couple of minutes to get a haircut this afternoon. While he was out Aiden and Romo played around the house. He thought he heard daddy pull up. It was the Fed-ex driver. He opened the front door and Romo and he ran outside. Romo decided he wanted to hop into the Fed-ex truck. Aiden stood in the front yard and yelled "Mommy, Romo" "Mommy, Romo" Poor guy thought that we were shipping Romo off or something. The Fed-ex driver had to stand up while I pulled Romo out from under the driver's seat. :)

Lastly, Aiden and his Batman car. He helped me get his car seat out of the Expedition this morning and was driving around on his Batman car. Crazy little boy in snow boots, blue jeans, yellow Spiderman shirt and a Red Cowboy hat, yelling, "Yee-haw, Yee-haw". It was just a site to see. I couldn't help but laughing and helping him up the driveway, the Batman car doesn't have quiet enough power to get up our driveway.

Loved it. Hope you had a great Thursday like we did. The good moments always outshine the bad moments.


Kandis said…
That sounds like a fun day. What a character he is. He must take after his mom. :)

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