Red Cowboy Hat

I'm not sure why, but Aiden HAD to have this red cowboy hat from Walmart a couple of weeks ago. If you know Robert and I at all you know that we aren't so much the cowboy people. Although I love riding horses and our first date was a rodeo, and we went to a cowboy college, hum....maybe we are secretly cowboy people :) Not really.

So, when he can find his cowboy hat, he wears it. No matter what he has on. (He has his mommy's great sense of style) Last week he wore his red cowboy hat with his snow boots. (I just remembered that I've already told this story, hehe, I have serious mommy brain) So, instead of telling the entire story again I will leave you with pictures of the infamous cowboy hat.

This is at Walmart trying to convince daddy that he needs the gun to go along with the hat.


Kandis said…
Of course he needs the gun if he has the hat. That's too cute. I think every boy needs a cowboy hat.

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