What a weekend...

Overall we had a pretty lazy weekend! It was great!

Saturday Robert had class in Stephenville and then went to the Tarleton game. Aiden spent the day with his Uncle Javier and his cousins. Ana and I spent the day in bed! It was great. Even when Lisa came over to visit she came and sat with us in the bed. Then we went and had a little girls night out (Cotton Patch, Target and home, WOO HOO) And back into bed.

Sunday, we all slept in until about 9 or 10. AMAZING! Aiden woke up at 8 and he and Nana went for a walk while Robert, Ana and I slept in. Aiden spent some time running around with Della in her yard and then fighting a nap the rest of the afternoon.

Some firsts that happened on Sunday:

Aiden rode his bike down the sidewalk - that was a 1st for him!! He actually pedaled himself, instead of us pushing him! GO AIDEN!

Aiden ran out in the front yard in his underwear for the 1st and hopefully last time. :)

We have one of those hotel locks that catch the door when it opens on the back door, b/c little MM would open the back door, open the garage door and then go running down the driveway. Well, come to find out he can now open the front door, too. So, I guess we will be buying one of those locks for the front door, too. Our neighbors were getting groceries out of the car and got to see Aiden in his skimpies :) it was cute.

And lastly, without his afternoon nap and after a Melatonin (greatness in a bottle) Aiden fell asleep at the dinner table. All I could do was laugh and take pictures. I wish we could have found the video camera quickly, but you know how that goes.


NJ Grandma said…
HURRAY - Ana has finally made the blog page - and that is a great trick Aiden is doing sleeping while he is putting food in his mouth. I will have to try that sometime :) Love you all.

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