38 Week appointment

We went this morning to see Dr. S. Aiden even got to go this morning, b/c we had to drop him off at school after the appointment. Anyway, everything is still going pretty good. I told him I'm to the point of sleeping 3 hours at a time, waking up, doing things around the house, sleeping a little more, then getting up 3 hours later and doing other things. Of course he said, "It's normal during this stage of pregnancy." Which I already knew. I also am having trouble breathing sometimes (like last night) but that's normal too.

So, he checked things out and I'm still at 2cm, but now 80% effaced. Woo Hoo, at least we are progressing still. Of course, could still be anytime.

He talked to Dr. H (the general surgeon) about me this week and they worked out a plan. It's that great, I didn't even have to bother him about it or anything. They decided that if I have Ana during the week (Monday - Thursday) then I can have my gallbladder out the next day. That would be wonderful!! Then, I would go home the day after I had my gallbladder out. (They don't do non-emergency surgeries on the weekends.)

Also, I asked if she's still not here by Sept 11th can we then schedule an induction on the 15th. I worry about that because I only have heard horror stories about inductions, but she's got to come out of there. :) She'll probably be as stubborn as Aiden and we will schedule her induction on Sept 15th and then she'll come on the 14th or something like that. Stubborn parents=stubborn kids :) I'm ok with that.

Other then that we are still just moving along. Aiden had his 2nd day of school today, I can't wait to hear how it went!!


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