Week of Doctor's Appointments

I know it's been almost a week since I've blogged. We've been quite busy. We had a doctor's appointment everyday last week (except Friday) and we're pretty busy starting to get adjusted to 2 kiddos.

Monday we came home from the hospital. Aiden had a pretty bad cough so Gran and PawPaw took him to the doctor. He has a double ear infection. The doctor asked if we had taken Aiden to the ENT yet, which we hadn't and also wanted to know how the Nasonex was going. (not very well, b/c we have to chase him around the house and hold him down to give it to him) So, instead she gave us medication for his allergies and an antibiotic for his ears.

Tuesday we took Ana to her 1st pediatrician appointment. She weighed 6 lbs 15 oz and perfectly healthy.

Wednesday Aiden went to the ENT for his allergies and his snoring. She said that he still has fluid on his ears and an ear infection, also his tonsils are pretty swollen and with his other symptoms she would imagine that his adenoids are also swollen, but you can't really see them without a special scope. So, we are supposed to go back in 6 weeks to check the fluid on his ears and talk about taking his tonsils and adenoids out. If he still has fluid on his ears she might also suggest tubes in his ears. We are pretty reluctant to start cutting him up, but I guess we will see what she says in 6 weeks.

Thursday it was my turn, I went to the general surgeon for a follow up after Ana's birth, evidently the doctor has to see you within 4 weeks of having any surgery. So it went like this:

Dr. H - Hi, how are you feeling? Is his your baby girl?
Sarah - Feeling great, yep this is Ana.
Dr. H - Great (Pushes on my belly)
Dr. H - Well, ok, let's get this gallbladder out, I'll have the nurse schedule your appointment.

We are scheduled for Sept 30th @ 11:30. The week before Ana was born I had 2 episodes, both after low fat meals.

Friday, we went shopping :)


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