At Work with Mommie

No, it isn't National Take Your Child to Work Day, but it was for Aiden. Nana is sick, Robert has a couple of very important conference calls today, Gran is in Houston with Gigi. So, since mommy works at the office by herself on Mondays and Thursdays she took Aiden to work with her!! Everyone else in the office was at our satellite clinic and there are no patients at our office on Mondays and Thursdays. We already have one worker out of the office this week, so I couldn't work from home. : (

We brought in lots of toys to play with and snacks and drinks. The hardest part was keeping him in the office with me. I made a makeshift baby gate with a cardboard box and a chair. He took a 45 minute nap while I had a conference call.

He really enjoyed the water cooler. He loves to push the buttons on our fridge at the house and make the water squirt out. Fortunately, we can lock the fridge. Unfortunately, we can't lock the water cooler. In the afternoon I let him run around a little more and watch a little TV. He would run over to the water cooler and push down the button for 15 secs or so and then fill up the container and then the water would be all over the floor.

After about 4:30 he was beyond tired, fussy and uncontrollable. Which, normally I am, too!! So we packed up and headed out at 5:00.

Overall, it was a very fun time. I wish that I could bring him to work with me everyday!!

I have some pictures on my phone that I will try to put up for everyone.


NJ Grandma said…
Welcome to the world of being an adult and a parent. Maybe when you both retire things will slow down a little!! Love you, Mom Auer

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