The sky is falling

So last night we were at Pastafinas in Lake Country and we overheard the waitress say, "Yeah, they have been going off for about 5 mins." After we thought about what she was talking about we figured out that the Tornado Sirens had been going off for about 5 mins.

OMG, I always panic a little bit, but I try to look calm. It probably doesn't work, but I try. So we headed home!!

Once we were home the hail, winds and rain really started coming down. The rain and hail were coming in sideways and it was really, really loud on the roof and the garage door.

Once I started to get to anxious I took Aiden and the dogs to the bathroom. I tried to play it off as we were just going to head to take a bath, but I am sure that Robert, Eddie, Lisa and Brandon could hear the anxiety when I started yelling for Diego to come into the bathroom and I wouldn't leave the bathroom to go and get him!!

Aiden took a bath while I listened to the loud noises coming from the storm. Robert went out front to check on the storm and for a while they had the back door open to let the cool air in. Maybe that is why men are 10,000 (not sure the exact stat) more times to get struck by lightning then women are. Because, women go into the bathroom while men are standing outside watching the storm.

After the storm calmed down I let Aiden get out of the bathtub and Dada got him ready for bed. I went to the back door and was amazed at the hail. It looked like it had snowed outside. It was amazing. I took pics and will add them soon for all to see!!

After that it was a quiet night with a little Sing Star and friends!! Great way to spend your Thursday evening!!


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