Great Weekend!

We had a really great weekend this week. Friday night we hung out and got to spend quality family time together. Saturday we woke up and ran around a little. Aiden loves walking outside. So about 9:00 we went for a walk, not to far, just around the block. He loves the neighbors rock wall. I sit next to him while he gathers rocks. Maybe he will be a Geologist? He doesn't like leaving the rock wall so it is a little difficult to get him home for dinner or lunch.

Saturday afternoon he went to Nini's and Patpat's for the evening while we went to a wedding of a college friend of ours!! We woke up at 9:00am on Sunday. It was so nice to sleep in for once. We ran some errands and then went to go and pick up our Monkeyman.

He missed us, but he had a great time playing. He went to church and actually had fun at the nursery this week!!

We spent the afternoon working on the garden and planting new plants. Aiden did a lot of trampling of the new plants, but I think they will survive!! New flowers in the back yard and some vegetables!! Lets see how green our thumbs are!?!?

Aiden is going through some separation anxiety stuff. I have read up on it and it is really normal for his age right now. If anyone leaves he starts to cry. He is pretty good every morning when I leave him with Nana, but that is a daily reoccurring thing. Uncle Brandon spent most of the weekend with us and when he left last night Aiden cried for a little while and then went on about his evening. It is just strange.

We hope to have a great week this week, not much planned, but we have a big weekend coming up.

Love, Sarah


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