Well, I regret not taking my family to beautiful Scottsdale, AZ. They should have come with me and played around while I sat inside for a meeting for 10 hours. It was gorgeous there, the weather was summerish and in the 90s during the day, but beautiful at night. I stayed at the Westin Resort and Spa which I would stay at in a heartbeat again. Only $400 a night, wow. But, it was really, really nice and relaxing. Which, I probably needed, too!! But, it would have been a great weekend get away with them, too!!

Robert and Aiden had an eventful weekend. They went to dinner with Lisa and Brandon Friday night. Then they went to Laura and Jeff's (My sister & brother-in-law) house Saturday afternoon. They went to a birthday party Sunday afternoon. Aiden didn't want to spend the party inside with the adults he wanted to go and play with the boys outside!! Nana told me this morning that he was chasing the boys and balls around the front year. Then they came home to see me!! Aiden didn't take a nap at all yesterday, so Robert was very tired when I got home.

Aiden and I shared a grilled chicken salad for dinner and then I put him to bed. He was a very tired and grumpy little boy by then. That's what happens when you are overly tired, because you didn't want to take a nap ALL DAY!!

He is so much fun at this age!! He has already started the tantrums and is constantly getting into things. We have to watch him every second that he is awake. But, he is sooo much fun!

It was a pretty great weekend for all overall!!


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