The sky is falling again!!

It is a lot scarier without Robert home when a bad storm is coming in. Last night I laid Aiden down at about 7:30pm, he had a little trouble going to sleep with all of the thunder and lightening, but it only took him about 10 minutes to drift off. I stayed up watching channel 21, which had weather until 9:00pm, then changed to regular TV News.

The storm was a lot more South then we live, thank God. Otherwise, Aiden, Diego, Lola and I would have spent the night in our guest bathroom!!

So I am already an anexious person and then when Robert is out of town I am 20 times worse. I set the alarm immeadiately upon entering the house and then have to remember to turn it off when letting the dogs out. I am sure Aiden would love to wake up from the alarm going off. So bad storms don't help much.

Next storms are due in on Friday. I will be in Scottsdale, AZ, so Robert can deal with those storms!!


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