Sleepy little boy

Tonight Aiden and I spent about 1 hour getting his room cleaned up. For about 2 months now his clothes have been seperated into 2 baskets; clean and dirty. I know Robert hates this idea, but we try to spend as much time with Aiden as possible and he usually goes to bed between 7:30 or 8:30 so I have time to clean up the rest of the house, or lay around and watch TV, but not clean up his room. So, tonight we did it together. Aiden did a lot of running around with the dogs and messing up his room more, while I put up clothes and cleaned up after him!!

Around 8:30 he started rubbing his eyes, standing by his crib and fussing. I changed him into Pjs and put him in his crib. I cleaned his room a little more and he laid down and went to sleep.

His Nana usually lets him run around until he decides to take a nap. At her house he will go and grab a blanket and he will lay down wherever he fells like.

But the main reason for this blog tonight is to share some sleepy little boy pictures.
I sat at his cribside tonight and watched him sleep. I really never knew that he would fill such a place in my heart.


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