Ode to Ms Crockpot

This morning I woke up at 5:30am to a large crashing noise. Well, as a very anxious person when Robert is out of town, which was covered early this week, I laid in bed for about 2 secs to think about how it might have been a person. Then, Mama Bear instincts kicked in and thought, "well then I have to go and save baby bear." Who is across the house!!

Once arriving to the laundry room I found a horrific site. Our shelf was not able to take it's daily load anymore and had given up. Ms. Shelf had taken 2 years of torture, hanging clothes, and many heavy items that sat on her daily. Ms Crock Pot being one of those heavy items.

Ms Crock Pot was a middle child of 3 Crock Pots that live at our house. I think she was Spanish, because she was so sexy!! She left this world at 5:30 am on April 25, 2008 just milliseconds after she lost her beloved friend Ms Shelf. Her soul cracked and broke into many pieces. Ms. Crock Pot was survived by Mrs. Crock Pot and Baby Crock Pot. I am sure that they will help us through our loss, but never fill our hearts with love like Ms Crock Pot did. I will miss you Ms Crock Pot.

Ok, Maybe I should have slept more last night!! I really didn't want to call Robert at 3:30 his time to tell him the laundry room was a disaster area and that we needed to call FEMA to help clean it up. So, I figured a blog would do better, so he can read it when he wakes up!!

Well, I am off to finish packing for Scottsdale!! Its just the boys here this weekend, maybe they can work on a laundry room project together!!


NJ Grandma said…
Well thank goodness it was just a crock pot. Good thing you and Aiden weren't doing the laundry!!!! Safe trip to Scottsdale and will talk to you when you get back.
We love you, hugs and kisses to our littel guy.

All our love from New Jersey
Brandy said…
Wow I cant belive that, I am glad that you were not in there. Our celing fan fell out of the living room celing last week we were all sleeping and did not hear it. I am just glad that we were not up because thats where we do all of our playing.

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