Walk Me Home

We have decided to follow in the footsteps of Katie and Mike and Patti and Leigh to walk for a cause that we care for. Patti and Leigh sent us an email yesterday asking for support in Walk Me Home. It is a fundraising walk for foster kids.

I know we aren't foster parents, but we are foster family (Uncle, Aunt and Cousin). Patti and Leigh, Matt and Jeff and many others at our church are foster parents. We love each of their foster children (and some now adoptive children) like our own nieces and nephews!!

So we have accepted the challenge to walk with them and help raise funds for foster children!! If you would like to help by walking or financially just go to our walk page!! The race is May 3rd and Robert, Aiden and I will be walking!!

Thanks for your support.


NJ Grandma said…
Hi Guys - Hope you have a great walk - what a nice thing to do for all the kids. Hope you have great weather. Let us know how you m ake out. We love you. Hugs and kisses from New Jersey

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