Bowl on my head

Aiden has 1 cabinet in our kitchen that he can open. In this cabinet are the plastic mixing bowls. Aiden will dump them out every morning and get "his" Big Blue mixing bowl out. He then walks around the house with the bowl on his head. Throughout the day and night he will go and get his bowl. I guess it is his helmet!! He will also place his helmet on your head for you to wear. It is very nice head protection. Most of the time when he is wearing it he runs into the wall on purpose. (just trying out the headgear!) It is too cute. _______________________________________________
Aiden had a mishap with a wallflower (smell good plug in thing) on Wednesday. He was running down the hall and somehow ran into the wallflower. He bit his lower lip pretty badly, about 1/4 way to his chin. So the wallflower won that battle, but he is healing fine.
We found the Elmo DVD. It was under the Tivo box. So, it only cost us $8.00 for the DVD, $5.00 for shipping, and $1.25 restocking fee. I don't think we are renting any more Elmo DVDs. We will just buy them or Tivo Sesame Street. But, I knew it, I went to take back the DVD that we had purchase to replace Elmo last night and Robert found it last night.

But, at least now he has an extra Elmo video in his collection.
Lastly, Gardening.
I planted cucumbers, squash, 3 tomato plants and 2 bell pepper plants earlier this spring. So far...we have 1 bell pepper. I was watering the garden the other night and when I touched the bell pepper to make sure that it hadn't been eaten by bugs yet, it fell off into my hand. The squash plant is blooming now so we might have squash in a couple of months!
It's huge, I think we might be able to eat off of it for months!!
Not really, it is pretty small, Nana laughed when she saw it!!
The hibiscus are doing pretty good, I will take some pictures of our whole garden this weekend to share.


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