Play Date and Dreams

Aiden stayed at Patti and Leigh's house today while Dada help Nana get home! He got to hang out with Sydni, Paul, Ashleigh, Rose, Ariana, Mimi and many others who came over for a play date!!

Here are just a couple of pictures. Some of the pictures had foster kids so I didn't want to use them on the website. But, these are really cute!!

Derrick and Aiden - On Teeter Toter
Play Time.... I think this was probably about 1/2 of the kids that were there!!

On the way home from the hospital Dada and Nana picked up Aiden. He was worn out from a hard day of playing. I hope this will help his nursery anxiety. Since, these are the kids that he hangs out with at church.

Looks like they had a lot of fun.

Tonight, we are trying out Melatonin for Aiden. I gave him 1 mg at about 8:00pm and then we went to Walmart. He was already tired when we got to Walmart and just got fussier throughout the store. So it will probably work better for nights we don't go anywhere before his bedtime. Hopefully, it will help him and Nana sleep through the night. Della from across the street is taking it and Syndi and Paul are taking it. (Wait, I hear it now, "But MOM, all my friends are doing it." Hehe, just had that go through my head)

It seems to be the best natural thing out there to help little ones about his age to go to sleep. I have been taking it for years, I just never thought to give it to him. They have cherry flavored at GNC, so that is what we are trying out!! We will let you know if it worked after a couple of nights.

Sweet Dreams!


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