I couldn't decide if it was a lazy weekend, crazy weekend or just a weekend. So there you go! Friday Nana went to the hospital again. She still wasn't feeling right and her blood pressure was out-of-wack (I'm sure this is a medical term). They have done a lot of testing and the doctor says that they have from "Something". There are signs that there is something going on in her body, but they aren't quite sure what it is yet?!?! Quite strange I know. So her blood is traveling the country to different diagnostic hospitals to see if they can find out what "Something" is. Sounds like she needs to go to Jersey and see Dr. House to me!! I love that show.

So, Friday night Aiden spent some time with Gran and Gigi and then I met them for dinner. We met Robert at the hospital and took him dinner.

Saturday, we went to the hospital. Came home for a nap and then went to the store. Then, we watched movies with Aunt Lisa and Uncle Brandon.

Sunday, Aiden and I went to church. He does really good in church while there is music and fun stuff going on. Once the preacher starts talking, he thinks that is boring and starts talking, jumping, throwing.... He was really cute sitting on the bench.
His little legs hanging down and swinging back and forth. Too Cute.
(This picture was a couple of months ago, but you get the idea)

So, during the message, prayer, and part of communion Aiden and I played in the nursery. Then, we went back in to take communion (Aiden wanted seconds). We sang some more and then headed to Masseys with Nini and Patpat for lunch.

Then, we went up to the hospital to visit Dada and Nana. Headed home for a nap and watched more movies.

So, it is a toss up, it was a lazy-crazy weekend.
PS: Still no sign of the newly-weds (the DVD or Remote) Good news is that the DVD is only $4.50 on Amazon!


NJ Grandma said…
Weekend sounds more crazy than lazy. Except for a nap you were on the go all weekend. Aiden still won't stay in the nursery during church?? Wonder what that is all about. That is very weird about Nana. Have they had an infectious blood doctor in to see her? Send her our love and hope she is feeling better soon and gets back home. Keep us posted.

All our love from New Jersey
Anonymous said…
Hi guys! I hope Nana gets better soon - pls send her our love!! Aiden is getting so big!!!!

Hope to see you soon!


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