So, remember how Tuesday night we went to rent movies at Blockbuster? Well, when I got home from work yesterday Aiden said "Elmo, Elmo...." So I went to go and start the DVD again for him and..... No DVD?!?!?! Well, after Robert and I searched the house for hours last night, we can't find the DVD. Also, the bedroom Tivo remote has been missing for about 1 week. We loose the Tivo remotes on and off and then find them again.

So, after searching the house for the DVD and the remote last night we have decided that they ran away together and eloped. They might have taken my Tarleton Ring with them, which has been missing for several months now!! So, if you see them, please tell then that we miss them and would like them to come back home.

We understand that we will probably find them in when we decide to move out of our house, but it would be more convenient to have them back now!! We also will be looking forward to the 100s of others things that we are sure will come up missing over the years!!


NJ Grandma said…
Any DVD's ro REMOTES shown up at your door yet??? Believe me they will show when and where you least expect it. Have a great weekend - going to bein the 90's here - UGH :( - sounds like a pool weekend.
All our love from New Jersey

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