Are weekends get more and more busy as our life goes on!! Don't get me wrong it is full of fun, necessary things, but it is still full!!

This weekend we went to Ikea with Aunt Janna, Aunt Pat and Brandon. Aiden did really good until he got REALLY tired and fussy about 3/4 of the way through. When we go to Ikea we always spend about $300 - $400 because it is about 1 hour away. So, we had a list of items to get.

Chest of Drawers for Nana's room
2 desks for Robert's office
Shelves for Aiden's room
and whatever else we thought we needed!! (Stuff to help hang the pots and pans in the laundry room, a stuffed animal (Bulldog), Chocolate (you can always use chocolate)

We managed to get in right under $400. Then we went to eat lunch with Meghann and her mom at Cotton Patch.

Saturday night we had a couple of friends over and just hung out to talk. It was nice!

Sunday we got up, put together desks and Chest of Drawers. We took Robert to Esperanza's for brunch. Then, we went shopping for a ceiling fan for Robert's office. I managed to talk Robert into a ceiling fan for outside. I have only been asking for 4 years for one. And, it is up!! Robert's brother Ivan put up the outside ceiling fan and Brandon put up the inside ceiling fan. I think Ivan got the raw end of the deal, because it was almost 100 degrees yesterday. Both fans have remotes!! They are very nice. I was so excited. I sat outside with my fan going for about 30 minutes!!

So, Robert didn't take Father's Day off, well he didn't work, but he did a lot of house honey-do stuff. He put his 2 new desks into the office and started straightening his office.

Then Sunday evening we had the "Fam Bam" (Robert's family) over for Father's Day dinner. We think Nana's enjoys having everyone together once a week or every 2 weeks or so!

This week is Nana's birthday on Wednesday. I think they are working on something for that! And, then another Camp Rosales planning day on Saturday! Maybe Sunday can be a day of rest, or we can only hope for that!


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