Swimming Pools, Fireworks and Ice Cream

What a weekend!

Friday night we had dinner with our neighbors across the street (Paul, Kristi and Della). Della and Aiden swam in her pool, it is a cute little Ariel swimming pool. They had lots of fun, and wore themselves out swimming and sliding on the slide.

Saturday we had a Camp Rosales planning session. Nana and Aiden went to Nana's house for a little while. We planned a lot of stuff for the kids this year. It has really helped us this year to get others involved in the planning. (I don't know why we have waited 11 years to do that)

Saturday night we went to Alcon for a walk/picnic for blindness with Aunt Janna and Aunt Pat. The Alcon campus was amazing. The grass is like you always want you grass to feel like, so soft and fine and no weeds. They have a coy pond with ducks and it is just a huge place with beautiful buildings and landscaping. There were many city services workers (IE: Firefighter, Police and EMT) Aiden climbed into a fire truck, he looked at a police motorcycle and then got fingerprinted! (We had a child safety kit made for him) Then, we had some hot dogs and ice cream. And Aiden watched his first Fireworks show!!! He didn't cry or anything!! He sat on his Dada's lap and they both watched the show.

Sunday, we woke up and ate breakfast with PawPaw and Gran at Cracker Barrel. YUM! Aiden was throwing everything, forks, bacon, spoons, whatever he could get his hands on! We hadn't gotten together with Pawpaw and Gran in a while so it was good to catch up with them!!

After breakfast we went home and took a 3 hour nap!! AMAZING!! Usually never happens, if we need a nap Aiden is a wild man and won't go to sleep, if he needs a nap we aren't in the mood for napping. But, on Sunday we got a 3 hour nap!!! WOW.

In the afternoon we were lazy around the house. We were watching Eco house on TV and decided we needed a ice cream maker!! So, we headed out to Walmart for the ice cream maker. (Hasn't proven to be worth all the hype, yet) It says it takes 30 mins to make 4 quarts of ice cream. After 2 hours it was still milkshake consistency! We had hamburgers and hot dogs with Paul, Kristi and Della; with more swimming! Drank our ice cream and then headed to bed. It was a good weekend!!

Hope yours was just as good.


I have pictures I will put up tonight!!


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