The remote came home!! And Nana's on her way!!

So, last night I was getting ready for bed and put one of the big pillows at the foot of the bed and heard a noise when it dropped to the ground that sounded heavier then a pillow. And it was the REMOTE!!! Yeah, we still don't know where the DVD is, maybe they had an annulment (I ordered it on Amazon yesterday, so I am sure it will show up after the new one has come). ;) But, next time you think you can't find something look in your pillow case; a toddler might just have put it in there!!

So, Nana is feeling much better. She will be released from the hospital today and has lots of follow up appointments to take care of over the next month. But, she is feeling better!!! We are going to make the back bedroom and bathroom up for her to stay with us for a while.

The funny thing is that when this all started about 1 month ago Nana came and stayed the night with us for a couple of nights. The first night I opened up the bedroom and made sure everything looked nice and clean, etc. I looked around and it was already decorated for her. It is a calming room with an Eastern feel. She gave me some Japanese paintings when we moved into the house and I put those up in February. I had a picture of her and all her children on the night stand (put there months before she stayed), a picture of Aiden on the night stand, the figurine of a Japanese lady on the other night stand. It was perfect. Already set up for her.

We just have to make some room for her stuff in the closet and bathroom. Aiden's 2T and 3T clothes are in that closet right now.

Isn't it amazing how things just work out.


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