Cedar Rapids under water...

Cedar Rapids, Iowa is under water and this includes Grandma/St David's house and Aunt Marna's house.
They are safe and that's all that matters, but there house's are probably very damaged. My mom called yesterday and said "Have you heard..." I always ask, "Should I be sitting down?"

They are safe and together in Iowa City.
On our home front: Everything is going pretty good.

Aiden isn't sleeping very well right now. He wakes up every night between 3 or 5. I have been giving him Melatonin each night. It helps him go to sleep, but he is still waking up. Normally, I would let him cry until he falls back to sleep, but I don't want him to wake up Nana. So, I go and get him!! This morning he woke up at 5:00am, much better then 3:00am :), and started to fall back to sleep with us. Then, he woke up, laid sideways and started kicking Robert in the neck. Robert didn't think it was very funny!!

Good weekend coming up. Elizabeth and Rivera will be up to pick up Red. Ikea trip on Saturday and then Father's Day on Sunday.


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