Oh Boy...

Friday night we met Brandon and Lisa for dessert!! We had already had dinner but there is always room for dessert!! Then we came back home to watch a quick movie!!

We went to Denton last night and spent the night at my sister's house. We played Rock band until late and ate French Toast in the morning. YUM!!

This afternoon we worked more on the garden and irrigation. Now our front yard is fixed, too!
This afternoon we had a few Oreos!!

Played in our playroom!!
And, right now we are so worn out he is taking his 2 nap for the day!!

Robert has been working on a lot of projects!! He put new cable boxes in the house, so now we have Showtime!! Yeah!!! One of our favorite shows comes on that channel.
I mention that because Robert worked all weekend on putting a new irrigation system in our gardens!! Now I don't have to go water my gardens 1 or 2 times a day. They water when the sprinklers go off!! YEAH!! We also bought a few more plants for our veggie garden. Now we have added Strawberries and Jalapenos to our garden!! Hopefully, Aiden will stay away from the later of the two!! (He doesn't usually bother the plants so I am not that worried.) But, Aiden helped me plant the different plants around the house. We played in the sprinklers! We found some worms to play with, too!! How fun!!
This is an example of the new irrigation system!!
Gerber Daisies in the front yard also have privilege irrigation!
Our back yard. Flower/Tree side. If you look closely the 2 pots on the right of the picture are the Mayfest trees that are growing!! Another Bell Pepper is growing!!
The Giant Tomato Plants trying to engulf the bell pepper plant. On the right are squash and cucumbers! (There aren't growing yet, but they are budding!)The new Jalapeno plants. We cheated a little and bought plants that already had peppers growing. What a great weekend!! Steaks for dinner tonight and then off to bed!


NJ Grandma said…
I love the oreo mustache man - we will need to get him a shaver for his birthday!!! Yard looks great - good job Robert :)
Love from New Jersey
NJ Grandma said…
I love the new haircut - he looks so grown up. Love from New Jersey

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