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Yesterday Aiden got a package in the mail from Grandma and Grandpa Auer. There were bubbles (which we are going to try out tonight), an Airplane, a spikey ball, a train and lots of cute clothes (one shirt even had a monkey on it!!).

I opened up the box and he looked in and said "Chu Chu". I looked at him and said "Chu Chu, what's a Chu Chu?" He pulled out the train. I didn't know he could say Chu Chu. So that is another word. YEAH!!

He was carrying the airplane and ball around all last night.

Then I was telling Grandma Gail how funny it is that we are all listening so hard for words that sometimes someone will say, "did you hear that? He just said "I want a drink". I just look at them and smile. We are just listening so hard to try to hear anything!!
Gran and PawPaw had Aiden for a couple of hours on Sunday while we got to go to the movies with a couple of friends. They took him to Target to pick out some toys. He picked out a wagon, it is very cute. The funny thing is that he tries to push around his Radio Flyer wagon and it is way to big for him to push or pull around, but this one is the perfect size for him to pull stuff around in!! But, he was walking around Target's toy section and he would put a toy in his wagon and then walk around a little more. See a better toy, take out the previous toy, and put the new one in!! Too cute. Gran said he did this for a while, they spent about an hour at Target in the toy section.
Yesterday he spent the day with his Nini (Aunt Janna) and they went to the park and played on the slide for a while. He loves the slide!! Then in the afternoon they went to see Papa (my dad Randy) and Grandma Lala (Laura) and there 11 new puppies. Aunt Janna said they were just the right size for him to pick up and carry around. He had lots of fun! She must have worn him out, because he went to bed around 7:15 last night, which is earlier then he has been going to sleep lately!
Lastly, Aiden and I went to Blockbuster last night. One of my favorite shows came out of DVD yesterday, we don't have Showtime anymore, so I rent them just as soon as they come out. While at Blockbuster we were looking for a movie for Dada. We found the new Spongebob Square Pants movie. I didn't even know that he watched Spongebob Square Pants, but he picked it up and carried it around with him until he found... ELMO!! He was walking with me to the front to check out when we passed the kids section. He dropped Spongebob and riped his hand out of my hand and ran towards the kid section. He grabbed two Elmo videos and ran!!! So now I am chasing a toddler with 2 Elmo videos through the store!! I finally catch up to him. We talk about the fact that he can take 1 Elmo but not 2 Elmos home with him. He drops one and then hugs the other. All I could do was laugh. So we go back to put up the other Elmo and then we check out. Craziness. So Dada got just the kind of movie he was hoping for ELMO!! Not really but we will get him one next time!
Junior, Sharon and Emillio came over last night. Emillio is getting so big!!

Well, that is our lives over the past couple of days. Too much fun going on here!


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