Celine Dion

I purchased our Celine Dion tickets back last March or April. The concert was Monday night. IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!

She definitely can put on a show. WOW. It was at the American Airlines Center in Dallas and the house was packed with people. We were a little upset because being a concert you wouldn't think that you could bring cameras. Wrong, everyone had a camera. I think Robert would have brought his SLR with the extended lens if he would have known that we could have brought a camera. So, the only camera we had was the one on my IPhone!

We had a gentleman sitting in front of us with a Celine Dion shirt on and Leather pants. WOW. I thought there were a couple of guys there that looked like they were going to faint at anytime! LOL. But, it was a lot of fun and we had a really good time!

Here are some pictures from the IPhone!

The guy I was talking about with Celine T-Shirt and Leather Pants!

Celine on stage (what a stage, too)

The arrow is pointing to a guy, who was dancing, jumping up and down, and singing with all his might!!! It was toooooo funny!


I am so very jealous! I'm glad you guys had a great time!

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