Today is PJ day at school for Aiden. It took a while to decide between Batman, Basketball or Mickey Mouse, but finially he chose Batman. Which are really cool PJs because they have a cape!!
Robert came home last night with a really bad headache and nausea and stuff like that. I feel bad because he was pretty sad and wanted some comfort, but I didn't want to get sick so I just avoided him. Just in case it was a virus or something. I am currently nausious 24/7 and was pretty dizzy this morning and didn't need a stomach virus or whatever he has! But, he's feeling better this morning. He thinks it was just a migraine. He was pretty upset that I didn't comfort him last night. He kept going into the bathroom and then moaning when he got back to bed and all I said was, "Are you alright, do I need to take you to the hospital?" He didn't like that too much. So, I gave him some Alka Seltzer and he slept for a while. While I stay on my side of the bed facing the other direction so I didn't get sick. Poor Robert.
Robert and I have our first class of five tomorrow in Organizational Development. It's from 9-4, that's a lot of time in a class, but at least it's just five Saturdays and not every Tuesday or whatever.
One of Robert's previous bosses (and our friend) Nancy is retiring and having her retirement party tonight. A bunch of "the group" (friends from when Robert worked in that office) are planning on Happy Hour with Nancy and then going to Winstar for the night. Hopefully, I can make it! I'm usually out around 9 or 10, we will probably still be at HH at that time. Also, we have class at 9am Saturday. But, I can always just sleep in the car right? I don't know!
Monday we have an appointment with Dr. S's nurse and a second ultrasound to make sure every thing's going ok. I haven't had anymore spotting/bleeding and the nausea is pretty bad, which is a good sign, so everything should be fine at the doctor's on Monday. I'll let you know.
Sorry no pictures lately. Just lazy/busy. I will get some up soon though!!


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