Doggie Dilemma

We have 3 dogs (Diego, Lola and Henry). Diego is now 4 years old, about to be 5 in March and Lola will be 5 in October, we've had both of them since they were puppies. Henry we rescued last September and he was guessed to be about 6 at the time.

For the past couple of weeks Henry and Diego have been fighting. It started about 2 months ago, I guess, I have a pretty bad memory so I wouldn't hold me to that! It always seems to be Henry who lunges at Diego and starts the fight, but I can't tell why. Sometimes, Diego will have a toy, sometimes, Diego will be sitting next to someone. Henry will walk up to him and get his look on his face and then attacks him.

It happened last night, Diego jumped up on the sofa, and we don't let the dogs on the new sofa, so I knocked Diego off, well, here comes Henry in attack mode, like Diego had just hurt his mama or something. Robert had to seriously wrestle them apart. Saturday night it happen twice, the first time it happened over a toy, I was walking by and saw the look in both of their eyes and said, "NO" and it started. The adrenaline rush kicked in and I picked up the 60lb dog to get him away from the 20lb dog. The 10 people sitting in the living room yelled at me for picking him up, but I didn't think, I just did it. The second time on Saturday Diego was sitting next to Dianne on the chair. Henry was on the floor next to the chair and Diego had that scared look in his eyes again and Henry looked up and I said "NO" again and he attacked.

I guess I have something to do with it. I always seem to be around or say something or can see it in Henry and will hit him on the back and say "NO" and it starts.

I can tell you that until I figured that out on Sunday I was ready to call Bulldog rescue to come and get him, mainly because I don't want Aiden to get in the middle of it or something horrible like that. But, now that I think I can separate them or have them in the bedroom with me or something, because then Diego can be on the bed and Henry can't get up there. I think it will work out. I guess time will tell.

The dilemma in my head is...
1.) Aiden LOVES Henry. (When Henry and Aiden are together there is no problem, Henry lets Aiden do whatever, but what if Diego gets in the mix)
2.) Henry has been through 4 homes already (I am sure there is a reason for that, probably the barking is a main one, but it would still break my heart to give him up.)

I think it might also be an Alpha Male thing, they are still working out I guess. Let's just hope it works itself out by us keeping them apart for a while! You would think Henry would learn, Diego has taken a big hunk out of his nose twice now!


NJ Grandma said…
Please please be careful - we don't need a chunk out of Aiden's face and you really do not need to be picking up a 60 and take a chunk out of you. Give it some serious thought as to why this dog has been through so many homes. He sounds like he likes to live alone with no other animals. Just give it some thought - all of your safety is the first priority. Love you.

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