This morning we walked into Aiden's class and a little girl said, "IT'S AIDEN!!" Make my heart melt!! Right now he is one of 2 boys in his classroom and the other boy usually shows up later in the day. So, in the morning he is that Mac Daddy of the Early Preschool class!! But, the little girls are soooo cute and the one that greeted him this morning speaks really well.

Today was "Wear Yellow" day!! So most of the kids were in yellow shirts. They look really cute in their matching yellow shirts!! So here they are, their little matching shelves, too cute!!
I have to work on my homework this weekend and finish his Family Connection poster. (Finish, well, really I only purchased the poster board so far, but it's a start) Fun Times.

I also have to work on my real homework. (OH YEAH, I am in grad school now!!!) I don't think I have posted about that. Robert and I are taking the same class this semester, we will see how that goes (in the past he's has done better then me, but that's ok). This will be my first semester in the MSML Program at Tarleton. (Master of Science in Management and Leadership) Tarleton now has this program in Fort Worth and online (as well as in Stephenville)

By the way, Robert is working on his MBA and found out that if he takes 6 more hours that he can have a MBA and a MSML. So, that's just another semester for another Master degree.

Then, he'll probably start working on his Phd or something, or no, he was talking about Culinary School the other day, I guess that's what's next after his 2 Masters!! HEHE (He said, "Something to fall back on!") I knew I loved him, because he really keeps me on my toes and makes me laugh a lot.


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