Lazy New Year's Day

New Year's Eve we ate pizza and Chinese food with Lisa and Brandon at the house. Then, Dianne and Bret , Carmen and Dani came over to watch movies and play Sing Star! We had a little champagne and a toast at midnight and then all headed to our own beds. Aiden made it to about 10:30pm, then we put him in Nana's bed.

New Year's Day we were just pretty lazy. We watched some TV, Aiden and I took a 4 hour nap :), then I read and cleaned up the back yard a little. Lisa and Brandon came over for dinner. I love it when Robert's in town, because he is a good cook and we eat really well, I cook fast meals that don't always taste the best. Then we watched another movie and went to bed. LAZY DAY! It was nice. Since we are all sick we probably really needed the break.

Today is back to work. All these holidays make you not want to be at work. When is my next break, hum... Oh yeah I have 1/2 day off on Monday and all day Tuesday off!! We are going to the Celine Dion concert at the AA Center on Monday night. I think we are going to eat at Cheesecake Factory before we leave for the concert! YUM!! I can't wait.

Then, it will be a while until our next days off. :( But, luckily with my job I get a day or 2 here and there of out of town trips for meetings. Which, also adds for a nice break, even though I am still working.

Well, we hope that your New Year's Day provided just what you needed, too!


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