Mommy Homework

I never thought that Daycare would give me homework for Aiden. When I picked him up on Monday there was a sign to have your child wear red on Wednesday and yellow on Friday. I read the sign, picked him up got to the lobby and had forgotten which days he was to wear what color. I am guessing it is to help them learn their colors. So, we went back to read the sign again and I had to write it down. :)

Then, Ms. Lauren handed me his report card for the day and it said "Please bring family connection poster" HUM? WHAT? So, I asked her and she pointed out a couple of posters on one of the walls in the classroom. Some of the kids had posters with their name on it and pictures of their family and friends. So, they can see their family while they are at school. One of the kids had a HUGE and had pictures all over it. Ms. Lauren said it would be nice if you could make it about 1/2 that size, just because I don't think that everyone's will fit.

So, we have homework. I was going to work on it yesterday (I had the day off) but napping took priority!
Also, I have to share that I told Nana this morning that he needed to wear red, and boy is he wearing red! Red pant, red shirt, red sweatshirt and red socks. If we had red shoes he would have probably worn those (he tried to put on his Lighting McQueen house-shoes this morning which are red). So, here is a picture of his class, we walked in this morning and most of the class was wearing red. I guess some parents forgot.


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