Not if you can't find them

This morning I got myself 1/2 ready, then since Aiden was all over my stuff in the bathroom it was his turn to get ready. So, I took him into his room, changed diaper, put on blue clothes (that's the color he's supposed to wear at school today) and got his sweater, socks and shoes together and set him up with Monsters (what else would he have watched :)) Then, I started to get myself ready again. I went in to check on him a little later, peacefully in front of the movie still. Finished getting ready. Went to put on his socks, shoes and sweater. NO WHERE TO BE FOUND!

I asked him where they were. He said, "BA" SO, I went into his room and started searching around. I opened his draws and in the 3rd from the bottom found: Socks, Shoes and Sweater. Nana was still laying down, so I know it was him. He took his stuff and put it in the drawer!!! He was a little fussy trying to get him ready this morning. That was too funny though, finding the stuff in the drawer. He ran out of the room and back to my bed to watch more Monsters.

We finally got ready and off to school!


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