Consider yourself warned. :) If I ever invite you over for dinner and Robert's out of town you might think about rescheduling to a later date when he's back.  Robert is a great cook.  He can take recipes and change them up and make them 20 times better.  If I change them up it is 100 times worse!  

I am really an ok cook.  My main problem is that I don't want to cook after working all day so I make stuff that takes 15 minutes maybe 30 minutes at the max.  

So, today its icy, I got home around 4:00pm and Aiden and I took a late afternoon nap. (It was nice).  Once we finally decided to eat dinner (7:00pm) we really weren't that hungry. I made grilled cheese sandwiches.  The reason I question my cooking skills is the fact that I burnt my grilled cheese sandwich. I made 2 really nicely and then burnt the last one.  :( So, I ate what I could of it and then ate what was left of Aiden's.  

To make it better Nana asked me if we had a sandwich maker.  I told her we probably did somewhere, but I have no idea where it would be.  I remember my grandfather used to have one.  I think she was hinting toward something.  There have been several meals that I said, "This wasn't so good." and she just nods with me.  She didn't want to say it, but once I said it she had to agree.  :)  Too funny!!

So, consider yourself warned, wait for the culinary guru to be around to come over for dinner, because you might get a Sarah surprise otherwise!  


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